The 3D Hand Poetics Tool

by Norman T. Thornton
September 7, 2008

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3D Hand Poetics (by Norman T. Thornton presented by demonstrates, among other principals (such as ideas in text art and visual metaphor), that meaning has existence in touring complexity (meaning can exist in touring complexity, meaning can exist in a tour of complexity) --- even if we do not initially understand it. Welcome to a unique take on interactive visual poetry.


Visual poetry is not necessarily readable in the ordinary sense. In 3D Hand Poetics, the ampping of text though it might appear random can be read systematically by using the Page Up/Page Down keys. Yet, the reading is character by character. Thus, the reader is compelled to make a different type of text assesment than is ordinary. Not only the touring of text by individual character brings the reader into a new relation with the text (gradually building meaning), yet further, the charaters are emersed in other characters. So, constellations are considerable. Still further, an author might elect not to use text in the normal sense as word characters, instead might opt to create pure text-art, art such that the text makes impressions (textures, shapes and so on) and not words. The 3D hand overall takes on the shape of a hand. In detail, it takes on the character of the text. Working in this form though challenging to achieve particular effects (purposefully differientiating one's 3D hand from all others) will also likely make a unique impression. For example, even though all haiku is in the 5,7,5 form, particular haiku stand as excellent. Given that the 3D model is a hand, thematic material can play off of that fact, for example, by similarity or contrast. Given that letter constellations can form, authoring word choices that survive letter combinations is an universe enriching idea.


-- Browser consideration

To get started, you will need a 3D browser such as the free one provided by ParallelGraphics:

Install Cortona VRML Client!

-- Create

To avoid exceeding process time, keep your text short. Otherwise, simply enter your text and press the "create!" button. Remember, that images are being downloaded from sites around the internet, so, please allow time for them to download.

-- Navigate

Change Viewpoint: "Page Up" / "Page Down" keys
Maneuver: arrow keys
Manipulate: 1 -> 4 keys rotation and tilt

-- Culminate

IE Browser full screen: F11
Cortona full screen right-mouse click on 3D scene and select from menu



Enter text --- for example ---
:........*** FIND me find-me ***.......: